Live Everyday Like You’re in Paradise

Live everyday like you’re in paradise. Really?? How am I suppose to live everyday like I’m in paradise, you think? I live in the midwest, where either my days are scorching hot or freezing cold. I go to work at my miserable job. On the weekends I spend my time with family or friends, probably consisting of a couple alcoholic drinks and maybe a cigarette or two. Does this really sound like paradise? Absolutely NOT!

So, how do you live everyday like you’re in paradise? First off, just think of how you feel when you’re on vacation. I mean REALLY think! REALLY feel, how you feel, when you step off that plane and into your paradise. The feeling of complete happiness, giddiness, excitement, freedom, relaxation, reconnected to earth and nature….I could probably go on and on. Basically you know the feeling that I’m describing.

Once you remember and feel that feeling throughout your entire soul. The joy, happiness, and warmth that fills your entire being…this is really your paradise. You can literally be anywhere in the world and feel that feeling and you will be in your paradise. Your worries will seem to just disappear and the happiness will flow.

Okay, I know all you pessimistic people right now that are saying…well yeah that’s great. However, my worries are still there and I am still in the same place I was before. Well, your life did not become depressing, redundant, or maybe even miserable over night. So…it is not going to become paradise over night either.

These feelings are a constant reminder for you to choose freely how you really want to live your life. What are you most passionate about? What are the things that make you the happiest? These are the things that you should be pursuing. This is what your soul yearns for in order to complete your life purpose. I understand that you need money in order to survive. I am not telling you, that you should up and quit your job in order to pursue your passions. I am saying that if you start out little by little each day pursuing your passions, then this will bring the happiness that you need in your life.

In addition to pursuing your passions, you need to reset your thoughts. When you start to feel negative and the ego starts creeping back in. Bring yourself to your paradise. Stay positive, in any way that you possibly can. Some days when my kids are screaming and crying, and all I want to do is scream and cry with them (which is what I probably would have done in the past). I start to sing. I sing all of my responses to them. Eventually, they think this is funny and their mood instantly changes back to happy. Trying to stay positive can definitely be challenging day by day. You just have to remember that it’s okay to restart after a negative feeling or negative situation arises. Staying stuck in that feeling of negativity is what the ego wants and is what ultimately brings you down in life. What you think is what you get. So, do not allow yourself to get stuck in that crap thinking. Reset your thoughts with positive ones and move on.

The only thing that is given to you freely in life is free will choice. Free will choice is your right to choose what you want in your life. You can either choose to be stuck and miserable or you can choose to be happy and live in your paradise. Everything else in your life takes hard work. It is really easy to just get caught up in the negative whirlwind and be right back where you started. It is actually hard work to keep your life positive and not allow the negativity in. It is especially hard in the beginning. However, every single day becomes easier and easier. When you stand in your truth, connect to your soul and subconscious mind, and find the light that we all need in our life.

When you continue to choose happiness and live in your paradise on a daily basis. You will be amazed by how awesome your life has become. Positivity and abundance in all forms will flow freely into your life. You will have many more opportunities to be positive about, than negative. As you continue to live in your paradise of positive thinking you will eat healthier, therefore your body will be healthier. When your heart (soul) and mind are healthy, your entire body cannot help but to follow. You will then only want to be around people who bring out the happiness in you and not the ego (negativity). This will also only attract people into your life that are positive and want the best for you always.

This way of life is especially amazing for your children to grow up with. They will know positivity brings positivity and how to change thoughts of negativity if they arise. Therefore, your children will ultimately live a positively abundant life, just as you have. Then they will hopefully pass these positive teachings on to their children and their children’s, children. Forever making our future world more positive.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” -Mahatma Ganghi

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” -Ann Landers




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