What I Wish I Knew When I was Breastfeeding

First off I want to say that I came from a long line of women who naturally breastfeed their children. What else would they do let them starve?? A woman’s breasts are for one sole purpose, and that is to feed their children. So WHY….is it so mainstream now a days to shame a women for simply nourishing her baby/child? Why?? Because society has made the woman’s breasts into something that it is not. They are NOT meant for anything other than the sole purpose of nourishing our children. So, for anyone who says anything different…WELL, then they need to rethink their somewhat perverted mind. NO, your son nor your daughter seeing mine or any other woman’s nipples, nourishing our babies, is not going to sexualize them. You allowing them to watch the television programs/commercials in which that sexualize woman, maybe so. However, my TRUE belief…is that if you raise your child with the understanding that every body part has a certain purpose…such as a woman’s breasts’, purpose, is to feed/nourish their children…then this aspect of sexualizing the breasts will become less prominent.

I will say that when I was breastfeeding my own two children I felt like I had to be conservative. I did not feel comfortable breastfeeding in public without a shield. Even while wearing a shield I would get looks and become completely embarrassed, as if I was doing something wrong. Are you kidding me? Now, that I understand the simple fact that I was just feeding my child, I feel like I wish I had someone who would have just kicked me in the ass and said….There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, you are feeding your child!

To give a little back story, I had my first child five weeks early. She was not laid on my chest like a normal birth but literally shown to me and then whisked off to the NICU (Neonatal, Intensive Care Unit). I then was not able to see her until hours upon hours later. This was devastating to me, I knew I wanted to breastfeed and I did not want to miss my window of opportunity. Or, so I was told or maybe misinformed. There was NO window of opportunity. If I wanted to breastfeed my baby, I could no matter what. So, when it came time for me to meet my first born daughter………….tears are literally in my eyes as I can remember this moment so vivid. She was hooked up to so many different chords. Chords that were monitoring her heart rate, vitals and what not. I felt a little out of my element. I had just went through this amazing experience for the very first time and there was my baby! My baby, that had been a part of me for the last 8 months (she was born at 35 weeks). The NICU nurses told me that they thought my daughter was strong enough to be able to latch on. So therefore, I should try to breastfeed my daughter. Oh, how excited I was…this was our first bonding time and I could NOT be more excited! However, everything that I had ever read or anyone had ever told me; Could have NEVER prepared me for this. She would not latch……… I wondered what was I doing wrong. (because isn’t that what EVERY mother’s first thought is?) The NICU nurses had given my daughter a bottle, because this is what these nurses are trained to do…(take care of the BABY’S needs first…almost like a mother). The nurses knew, my desire to breastfeed and as trained professionals they also knew that this would NOT be an end all if they gave my baby a bottle. However, as a brand new mother, just wanting to breastfeed her new baby. NOT, being able to was completely devastating to me. I tried latch guards and every thing else that the lactation nurse suggested. Nothing! I felt like a failure...REALLY?? This was only my first day of motherhood and oh how this feeling would come back to haunt me OVER and OVER again! This is also why mothers that cannot breast feed or choose not to, should NOT be shamed either. WE are all mothers, seeking the exact same thing. To nourish our children, and do whatever we can to give our children the best possible life we can. US, as STRONG WOMAN, MOTHERS (especially NOW in this time where we NEED to create AMERICAN LOVE again and again, NO MATTER WHAT). We should not be so critical of ourselves or others. I do know that at this time, however, as a new mother, I was in awe struck of what I had just done, I felt like a super hero. I did, just push a human being out of my body!! One being(child), that grew inside of me for 8 month, (I do know that a woman is truly pregnant for 10 months, however my daughter was born 5 weeks early). Soooo, I guess that is to be expected…RIGHT?

To get to the bottom of this story, I was able to breast feed my daughter, however, I also had to supplement with formula. (This IS okay) The doctors were concerned that my daughter, being born premature, was not gaining enough weight and in order for her to be released from the hospital she had to gain a certain amount of weight. All my husband and I were concerned about was getting our new baby girl home!!

The moral of the story is….NO matter what, you will do the BEST for your baby/child that you can. Anything, that anyone else says to you in an ignorant, or a non loving way should be taken just as so, ignorance. Some people were not taught that woman’s breasts were meant for their babies…NOT you! So, if you do not like it….KEEP walking! If you feel your children should not see the NATURAL beauty of someone feeding their child…KEEP walking. IF you feel the need to tell a mother to cover up or NOT feed their baby in public…..WELL THEN, you definitely need to KEEP walking!!l NO ONE should EVER tell anyone, especially a mother/or father, how or what they should do to…feed, teach, LOVE, or raise their child/ren in a loving way. There, should also never be a comparison to any another child. EVERY single child is amazing in their VERY own way. NO child is the same and that is why this world is SO beautiful!


GO, HUG, LOVE and do whatever you can to let your babes (children) know that they are truly special, great and  one of a kind beings!

LOVE is what will truly propel us into a greater future. -AlohaAinaMomma




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