The Many Benefits of Ginger Tea

I just got over a not so fun bout with a stomach virus. So where does this leave me? Trying to find the best way to NEVER have to go through that again. While researching I found many benefits of ginger tea. Luckily, I just so happened to get fresh ginger in my box from Door to Door Organics this week so I didn’t have to go to the grocery store. Let me tell you, this is going to be my go to morning drink, instead of coffee or tea. The spicy flavor is amazing and I literally felt like I had so much energy, even after being sick the last couple of days.

It is stated in an old Indian proverb that “Everything good is found in ginger.” Ayurveda often refers to ginger as a universal medicine. Ayurvedic medicine evolved in India, and is considered the world’s oldest healthcare system. It is named for the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, meaning the “science of life.” Chinese medicine, which is the other most ancient medicinal traditions often turn to ginger to help restore Yang, or hot energy. 

The aromatic, spice root has long been used in both traditional and Western healing systems made into a tea. Ginger tea brings a whole host of powerful health benefits, with its high levels of Vitamin C, and other trace minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium and other vital nutrients.

Drinking Ginger Tea can have Healing Effects 

Researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center think that the active components of the ginger root are volatile oils and pungent phenol compounds, such as gingerols and shogaols. (These are rich sources of antioxidants)

Here are some of the ways drinking ginger tea can help our body:

  • Helps the body absorb nutrients
  • Helps alleviate stomach pain
  • Helps with irritable bowl syndrome
  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps to fight cancer
  • Helps manage glucose levels
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves the digestion of food
  • Increases the productions of gastric juice
  • Helps to protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces arthritic inflammation
  • Relieves gas
  • Relieves Heartburn
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort
  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves tired muscles
  • Helps with morning sickness
  • Opens up inflamed airways
  • Improves circulation
  • Heals frostbite
  • Stops motion sickness
  • Provides pain relief
  • Clears sinuses
  • Improves your breath
  • Boosts immune system

When to Drink Ginger Tea

If you have experienced any of these symptoms…it could be related to “cold” in the body. Life is all about balance. We have to make sure that we are equally “yin” and “yang”. It is especially important to preserve our “yang” during the cooler months. Ginger tea has heating qualities to it so during cooler months you can sip on the tea throughout the day. During warmer months because of the heating qualities you will want to try to drink the tea in the morning or before your meal. You can drink (2-3) cups or more during cooler months and (1-2) cups during warmer ones. 

How to Make Ginger Tea

Grate a heaping teaspoon of fresh ginger and place in a tea steeper.

Pour 8oz of hot water and steep the ginger for 2-3 minutes (depending on how strong you want it)


A friendly reminder: I am just a mother who LOVES to research ways to keep my family healthy. I pass on the information that I obtain on the internet to all of you. I am NOT a doctor! You should always check with a health professional or doctor before starting any new supplements or diets. I also urge all of you to be your own health advocates and do some further research for yourself as well.

Mahalo (Thanks, gratitude)

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