A message to Everyone NOT just our Millennials

As I sit here listening to all of these crazy stories about how much hate has been spread throughout this nation and others. I think to myself this could NEVER happen to me. However, the truth is that THIS could absolutely happen to me and to anyone that I know and LOVE. Just because I am who I am does not make me any different than anyone else. This is the absolute reason that I LOVE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and that my ancestors and YOUR ancestors came here so many years ago. We DO often forget, that we too were NEVER original natives to this land. We are merely just occupying the land that we stole a long time ago…….But wait HOLD up!

That was not ME! That was NOT even anyone that I knew… so how can I even comprehend with THEIR day in time and how THEY thought? I simply CANNOT! I did NOT live in that time, so therefore I cannot, and WILL not comprehend their way of thinking…..They were just STILL LEARNING. I know, in my day in life, I have learned a lot and that is to LOVE ALL! I have definitely felt hatred in my life and very passionate about certain situations, but that does not mean that I have not learned from those situations to make my life and the life of my children better for the future. Just because I made mistakes in my past….does that make me a horrible person?? ABSOLUTELY NOT, this just means that I’m a person that is willing to learn from the lessons that we are meant to learn in this life time. If you continue to recreate the same thing in your life, then you are NOT learning.

Take a moment to reflect on how and what your life is all about……IF, in any moment you feel something or anything needs to change. Well, then that’s it. Change and believing in your self is where it is. The ONLY way that we can change OUR future, is by changing the way that we THINK and FEEL!! We as the teachers of the leaders of the future NEED to step forward and TEACH our future leaders that their is a such a thing as RESPECT and however cool or smart you think you are….YOUR ELDERS are always WISER! Listen to them NO matter what!! Take from them what you can. Learn every aspect and then create a way to make it better. YOU, are our future and YOU are going to be our leaders. You ARE GOING TO BE GREAT!! No doubt, No matter what ANYONE says, you will be GREAT! We NEED you to uphold the aspect that NOTHING is OWED to you!! You have ABSOLUTELY CREATED everything that has come into your life. IF, you do not like what is happening in YOUR life….CHANGE IT!

DO NOT blame it on others for your own mistakes or THEIR MISGUIDANCES. People might have hurt you or might have done you wrong but that does NOT mean that you get to check out of life for simple reasoning that someone hurt you or misguided you! GET STRONGER, from what has happened to you and make a change with the people that are younger than you. When you change the future in a POSITIVE way you will change LIFE in general, as they are OUR future, they are OUR LIFE!

SO, take from the past what you can and make it better. Because if you do NOT, you will have to repeat the same lesson OVER and OVER again until you get what you are suppose to learn. SO!!!! Just get it right the first time.

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